#2. Why is this search described as “successful”?

A search for the Promised One that was SUCCESSFUL?? That may sound totally weird to most readers. And what’s more, the story is not set in the future. Looking closely at the book’s cover, you might notice that the story is set in the days of sailing ships. Indeed, sailing ships were the only means of crossing oceans in the 1840s—at the time when much of the Christian world first believed that Christ’s return was imminent. The lead characters, Zach and James, are searching for Him. If they are successful in finding Him, it would show that the Return of Christ must have appeared in a manner that is utterly different from what most people were (or are, even today) expecting.

In any case, by the end of the story, Zach and James are fully convinced that their search was a success.

So, the real question is: By the end of the story, will you agree that they were successful?

Join us in a journey that will open your eyes to whole new realms of possibilities, which most people have never even imagined before. And yet, it is not fantasy. For, although this novel is categorized as historic fiction, you will find that it is almost all historic fact.

You can find it on Amazon at: https://www.amazon.com/Wise-Men-West-Search-Promised/dp/173245115X

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This website is about the two-volume novel The Wise Men of the West-- A ^Successful^ Search for the Promised One in the Latter Days...and is devoted to all who humbly seek Him.

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