#9. The Angel Gabriel was Always Right

Almost everyone has heard something about the Angel Gabriel, who announces, in one way or the other, the coming of the Messiah.

I knew that he had appeared twice in the New Testament—once to announce the coming of John the Baptist to John’s father (Luke 1:8-24) and once to announce the coming of Jesus to Mary, His mother (Luke 1:26-34).

I had always assumed that Gabriel had appeared many times in the Hebrew Bible.  So I was surprised to discover that he is actually mentioned only twice in the entire Old Testament.  Moreover, both mentions come from the same book—the Book of Daniel.  And in fact, they are associated precisely with each of the two prophecies of Daniel which led William Miller to his conclusion about the coming of the Promised One in the year 1844. 

The first was a vision that occurs in Daniel 8:11-17 concerning the “cleansing of the sanctuary” after “2,300 days” (understood, in the language of prophecy, to refer to 2,300 years).

The other was the vision of Daniel 9:21-27, which speaks of the “70 weeks” (= 490 days = 490 years also in the language of prophecy).  This describes a time when the Messiah shall “be cut off” (from this world i.e. killed). And for a starting date, he provides a reference to an event that historians have been able to accurately date as 457 BC.

And thus, the vision of Daniel 9 brings us precisely to the year that Jesus was crucified. 

Using the same start date, the first vision from Gabriel (regarding the 2,300 years from Chapter 8) brings us exactly to the year 1844!  This one was described by Gabriel as a vision “at the time of the end” (8:17).

So it is not surprising that William Miller and his followers were convinced that 1844 marked the date of the coming of the Promised One. 

Indeed, how could anyone possibly suggest that the vision of Gabriel proved exactly accurate with respect to the birth of both Jesus and John in Luke, and also with respect to the prophecy of the crucifixion of Jesus in Daniel 9, and yet was somehow wrong with respect to the coming of the Promised One “at the time of the end” in 1844, as described so precisely in Daniel 8?

But if the Angel Gabriel was right when announcing that the fulfillment would occur in 1844, what does that mean for us today? We must have missed something very important!  The time has come for us to look back to find what we may have missed.

So join Zach and James during that crucial year, as they return to the land of Daniel’s vision, in search of the Promised One of the Latter Days to find the real answers to this historic mystery. What they found not only met, but actually far exceeded, their greatest expectations.

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