#14. The Light at the End of the Tunnel?

or the Tunnels in Crater Mountain

You’ve probably heard the phrase “the light at the end of the tunnel” as an expression of hope—that, although we are in a dark place, we will reach the end of that darkness and come out into the light. 

I have often heard it used as a way of describing the current state of religion.  Recognizing the decline of its influence over the course of the modern age, we feel that we are surrounded by the darkness of greed, evil and irreligion.  The Christian hope is that Jesus will return and set things straight.  His return is that light at the end of the tunnel.  Everyone is looking forward to that day when His appearance will provide the light and guidance we need to move forward toward the kingdom of heaven on earth.

What is interesting to learn is that other religions find themselves in a similar situation.  Whether it is the Jewish people waiting for their Messiah, or the Muslims awaiting the Mahdi, or the Hindu people awaiting the Kalki, or the Buddhist awaiting the fifth Buddha, or the Zoroastrians awaiting the Saoshyant of their faith, all seem to be aware that we are living in an age of spiritual darkness, and all are looking forward to their own light at the end of their own dark tunnel.

Everyone assumes that their tunnel will lead them toward the light, and the other tunnels are simply dead ends.  No one seems to have considered the possibility that this mountain could be shaped like a crater, and that the tunnels through the wall of this crater-mountain all point toward a single, common center, and that a single Being could appear at this center, who would thus be shining His light into all of the tunnels all at the same time.

Reaching the end of our tunnels and coming into the full light, we would see, for the first time, the ends of the other tunnels and the followers of other faiths streaming out from their tunnels and joyously circling around the Light.

But coming out of the tunnel is not easy.  Life in the tunnels is all we have known since the time we were born.  Leaving it means accepting changes and learning new things. Moving into the light means a new, larger awareness of our surroundings.  And many people resist change, even change that is good for them. 

Zach and James, the explorers in our story, do not resist change.  Their mission is to go in search of the coming of the Promised One of Christianity.  But as they search, they find that there is much more to the story than they ever anticipated.  It is truly a light shining our dark tunnels everywhere.  So, if you are tired of living in the darkness of the tunnel, we welcome you to step into the light!

It is a big step for many. To make the step easier you can follow the gradual awakening of Zach and James as their exploration unfolds in The Wise Men of the West.

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This website is about the two-volume novel The Wise Men of the West-- A ^Successful^ Search for the Promised One in the Latter Days...and is devoted to all who humbly seek Him.

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