#17. For Whom Were These Books Written?

The answer to this question is found in the Dedication at the start of Volume I:

To everyone who has humbly hoped to see,

or prayed to witness,

the coming of the Promised One

and to those who have longed to be

among the first generation of His followers

this book is dedicated.

Nor are these words in vain, for today, everyone who approaches this quest with sufficient humility and detachment, will, I firmly believe, be successful in their search. This book is written as a gentle guide, to aid in that search, and to remove the stumbling blocks that are often in the way.

It is not intended to be the final word, but rather to point the way and open the door to the most recent edition of the Word—which confirms the fundamental truths of the past, while providing the critical guidance so essential if our modern age is to unfold according to God’s providence. 

Jesus promised that “the spirit of Truth” would come Who would “guide us to all truth.” (John 16:13). That time has arrived. All must consider it and decide for themselves. We cannot outsource such an important decision to others who may be biased or have vested interests. But within each person God has placed the capability of recognizing His Word and affirming it, if we approach it with a pure heart.

And those who are part of the first generation—those who are capable of making the transition from the old to the new—are especially blessed, for this opportunity comes only once in millennium or so. 

Read on…

for the adventure of a lifetime…

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This website is about the two-volume novel The Wise Men of the West-- A ^Successful^ Search for the Promised One in the Latter Days...and is devoted to all who humbly seek Him.

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