#7. Return of Christ? Are you crazy?

I get this response too often. Not universally, but still too often. Why do so many people associate the topic with being nutty? The answer falls into two basic categories:1) Too many false alarms and2) Hugely weird things don’t happen Let’s take them one at a time: 1. Too many false alarms:  There is noContinue reading “#7. Return of Christ? Are you crazy?”

#6. Fiction or Non-Fiction?

How much of this book is fictional? I get this question often. The short answer is:  Very little is fictional. Like most good historical fiction, a few fictional characters have been created to enable readers to view the historical past from the perspective of people living inside it. All of the people in the storyContinue reading “#6. Fiction or Non-Fiction?”

#5. Why is Christ’s Coming So Long Delayed?

Is There a Problem in Heaven? Or is the problem here with us? If you’ve ever Googled the question of why Christ’s coming is so long delayed, you would have found dozens of proposed answers (or perhaps hundreds? —I was unable to find the end of the list). This blog is different. Rather than proposingContinue reading “#5. Why is Christ’s Coming So Long Delayed?”

#4. “End of the World”?? Possibly the world’s greatest translation error.

I’d like to nominate the phrase “End of the World” as the most significant translation error of all time. This translation is found in several places in the King James version of the Bible in the Gospel of Matthew (13:39-40, 49, 24:3, and 28:20). If translated correctly, it would have been the “end of theContinue reading “#4. “End of the World”?? Possibly the world’s greatest translation error.”

#3. The Great Disappointment & the Great Tragedy

Much of the Christian world, especially the Adventists and similar groups who trace their origin to the 1830s and 1840s, will recall how the prediction of Christ’s return originally focused on the years 1843 & 1844. When the day arrived and Jesus did not descend from the sky in the manner expected by a half-millionContinue reading “#3. The Great Disappointment & the Great Tragedy”

#2. Why is this search described as “successful”?

A search for the Promised One that was SUCCESSFUL?? That may sound totally weird to most readers. And what’s more, the story is not set in the future. Looking closely at the book’s cover, you might notice that the story is set in the days of sailing ships. Indeed, sailing ships were the only meansContinue reading “#2. Why is this search described as “successful”?”